Pizza Rev – Craft your own Artisan pizza


Pizza Rev in El Segundo. Photo courtesy of Pizza Rev.

Pizza Rev in El Segundo (photo courtesy of Pizza Rev).

Interested in Crafting your own Artisan pizza? Well Pizza Rev should be for you. Only in business since 2012, they’re off to a great start. Reminiscent of a traditional Roman pizza, a thin and light crust, they then turn it over for you to customize. In health conscious Southern California, they also offer a gluten-free crust, along with vegan cheese & sausage. Though for the moment, the vegan sausage contains gluten, but I’m not sure why. From there you just tell their “pizza crafters” what you want on it, and not only what, but how much you want. YES, as little OR as much as you like. Your sauce choices are either organic marinara, white alfredo, spicy-sweet BBQ, pesto or just olive oil. Then are your cheese choices… mozzarella, light mozzarella, ricotta, feta, bleu or vegan. Then choices of around 14 types of meat, including gourmet sausages to several types of pepperonis. Next are your veggies, and there too, around 15 types. Lastly, they pop it into their mammoth brick ovens, and about 3-5 minutes later your pizza comes out bubbling hot. They also feature a few salad choices, desert pizzas and even beer & wine, with specials all week long.
What do I chose? Well those that know me, know what a Meatatarian I am. That’s a huge reason Pizza Rev is for me. If I want a so called meat lover’s pizza most places only have 4, maybe 5 meat toppings, Pizza Rev allows me to have ALL the meat I want. And trust me, I have had every meat on one pizza more than once. Well correct me. Every meat except the sardines that is ewww, but more power to those that eat them. And if you do, leave it to Pizza Rev to have them waiting for you. Oh, and another reason I have a place in my heart now for Pizza Rev? After spending time in Rome & Italy, and getting addicted to arugula, here when I ask for it, they know to cook the pizza and then after, bring you the arugula to toss on top of it. Bellissimo!!!

A hot of just some of the toppings available. Photo courtesy of Pizza Rev.

A shot of just some of the toppings available (photo courtesy of Pizza Rev).

Then you have my wife. She’s vegetarian with gluten AND dairy allergies. Pizza Rev goes out of their way to accommodate the people like my wife. The first thing they do when she simply asks for a gluten-free crust? They ask her if it’s an allergy or a preference. Then, since it’s an allergy with my wife and so many others, they fully separate the equipment and preparation of her pizza. They will put on new gloves, place it on it’s own board, and us separate utensils till the minute it’s brought up for her. Amazing.

A look into their amazing pizza oven. Photo courtesy Pizza Rev.

A look into their amazing pizza oven (photo courtesy Pizza Rev).

So how much did this hand crafted pizza set you back? $7.99. YES, $7.99. Almost unheard of in this day and age. However, the gluten-free crust and vegan cheese cost a little bit more. Still, customized to your order with as many toppings as you like is a fantastic deal.

Our favorite location is here in El Segundo, but they have spots popping up almost everywhere. As the year 2015 starts, they have 14 locations in Southern California from Long Beach up to Oxnard, with 8 more due to open from San Diego to Bakersfield. They also have 2 locations in Minnesota, 1 in Texas and 3 in Utah, with locations opening soon in Missouri, Nebraska and even South Dakota. I’m sure by the time 2016 rolls around, many more will be open.


Can you find a better pizza around LA? Of course. At the same price? That I’m not sure of, in fact, I highly doubt it. But when you want something different and on the go, Pizza Rev is an excellent choice I strongly recommend. As they say, it’s time you try the PizzaRev-olution.

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