The 2021 Travel & Adventure Show and my best moments.

September 11th, 2021 in Dallas. The 10 year Anniversary of 9/11, and I was fortunate enough to inspire people to travel.

As I prepare for my third Travel & Adventure Show of 2022, I thought I would reflect on highlights from the 2021 Travel Shows I was a part of, even though it was a shortened season due to, well we all know why. … Read More

Christmastime and the Holidays In New Orleans   When it comes to celebrating Christmas and the holidays, I can’t imagine another major city that goes as all out, like New Orleans, Louisiana.

VALENTINE’S DAY… Why Every Day Should Be. It’s become a yearly tradition for me now, so I’m back again this year to extend my personal take on Valentine’s Day. Luckily enough for me, my wife feels the same way as… Read More