VALENTINE’S DAY… Why Every Day Should Be.

It’s become my yearly tradition now, so I’m back again this year to extend my personal take on Valentine’s Day. Luckily enough for me, my wife has the same views. So, as always, I’ve added a few more pics from this year’s travels (now I’m really squishing them in, so sorry), but with the same message… Every day should be a day of expressing love and appreciation, not just once a year on a Hallmark generated Holiday.

We actually were able to avoid the masses the day after Valentine’s in 2019 at the JW Marriott in DTLA.

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The dream turned to the reality of cruising the Italian countryside in a quarter of a million-dollar Ferrari thanks to our friends at Liv Italy Private Tour continues on…

Do Dreams Come True? I wasn’t sure until Liv Italy Tours made one of mine come true; driving a Ferrari through the Italian Countryside.