The dream turned to the reality of cruising the Italian countryside in a quarter of a million-dollar Ferrari thanks to our friends at Liv Italy Private Tour continues on…

Do Dreams Come True? I wasn’t sure until Liv Italy Tours made one of mine come true; driving a Ferrari through the Italian Countryside.

THE BLOODY MARY FEST – NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA 3rd ANNUAL NOLA BLOODY MARY FESTIVAL If you’re going to hold a Festival honoring a cocktail, there’s no better place than the city that most people associate with inventing the cocktail… New… Read More

My Birthday adventure in Rome at the Roman Forum and Colosseum with Eyes Of Rome Private Tours continues…

I’ve celebrated my Birthday over the years in many grand styles. However, this past year when Rome’s #1 private tour company asked if they could do a photoshoot at the Roman Forum and Colosseum with me, I thought it was… Read More

It’s not common for me to write about a semi-local restaurant I’ve only visited twice, but when you have such memorable experiences, it deserves acknowledgment. Plus, any excuse to talk great steak, why not?

Our Journey to The City Of The Dead continues… Pompeii, the ruins of the city forever changed the day Mount Vesuvius erupted that morning on August 24th, 79 AD.

How do you bring to life a city that’s been buried under 15 feet of ash and pumice for 2,000 years? You enter its gates with LivItaly Private Tours!

RISTORANTE PERSEUS – FLORENCE, ITALY Many of us seem to have a bucket list of some sort or another. Myself? I’ve had a few, but the two biggest have been places in the world I have yet to travel to… Read More

VALENTINE’S DAY… Why Every Day Should Be. I’m back again this year to extend my personal take on Valentine’s Day and luckily enough for me, my wife has the same views. Adding a few more pics from this year’s travels… Read More